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It has been more than six months since my surgery.  Here’s an update, with photos and grammatical errors.

Six weeks post-op.

Pretty much everything I read before the surgery said that I will be able to eat after six weeks.  Naturally I was pretty excited when I reached six weeks post-op, and then I was equally disappointed.  I tried but I couldn’t really eat.  My mouth didn’t open very wide, I couldn’t move the food once I got some in my mouth, and I couldn’t feel what the hell my teeth were doing.  Oh well!

Three months post-op.

Not that different from the photo above.  Although it was nice to kind of have my chin back.  (That’s my “good side” of course!)

My forehead and the tip of my nose always have been fairly oily, but during the healing process my entire face became extremely oily–something about healing nerves.  I considered applying for an OPEC membership.

Also, using a sonicare toothbrush on a mouth full of healing nerves is the most ticklish thing ever.  Srsly.

Six months post-op.

Ok, I don’t know what’s with the this picture. I look like I was high or been hypnotized or something.

Six months post-op. My less-good side.

(Thanks to Joe for taking these photos.)

Ok, X-rays…

That’s a month before the surgery, after about two years of braces, of which you can see in the picture.

That’s after, without the braces.  That shiny stuff are my fillings.  Notice all that stuff holding my upper jaw.  The effect is slightly exaggerated compared to the before picture because I was looking down a little more in the after picture.

You can see the screws for lower jaw better here.

As for the results, I don’t have an underbite anymore, but my bite still isn’t great.  My molar aren’t touching when I bite together, so while I can bite I can’t grind my food.  My orthodontist said I should wait a year before I should do anything about that because my bite could still change.

My lips still feel numb and a little stiff, especially the upper.  Occasionally I still get muscle spasms, which make my teeth clank together.  Not particularly painful, but annoying nonetheless.  I had a burger yesterday and I was just barely able to open my mouth wide enough for it.

Anyway, enough bawwwing.  The healing process could take up to a year.  I’ll post some before-and-after pictures then.


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May 10, 2009 at 11:41 pm

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Post-op Photos

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I peeked at my files while I was waiting during a post-op appointment; the surgeon’s plan was to move my upper jaw forward roughly 3mm and down 2mm (apparently my upper teeth had a bit of an angle) and my lower jaw back roughly 3mm.

one day post-op
One day post-op.

A few people asked me about being in pain. There wasn’t much pain. The post-op experience is more pain in the ass than painful.

Imagine all the things you can do with your facial muscles. Well, now you can’t. You basically have no control of anything on your face below your eyes. (It would be totally fucked up if you lost control of your eyelids no?) Can’t smile. (It hurts to watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report.) Can’t spit. (You’ll miss this very much when you cough up stuff behind your banded teeth and after rinsing your mouth with stuff.) Can’t suck. (Some people brought up drinking through a straw when they learn of my surgery. I wish; milkshakes would’ve been very nice.) And so on. Oh, your face is also the size of Jupiter. And for about a week you’re constantly drooling, which is extremely inconvenient. And for a day you can’t breathe through your nose at all.

So there you are, standing over the sink, drooling out of the front of your mouth, sucking air through the back of it, and then you’d try to drink your meds and food without losing a quarter of it to the sink.

There’s more, but of course everything improved gradually. Very gradually. (Parentheses!)

Four days post-op.

Note the yellow bruising on my face and neck.  It didn’t stop there…

Six days post-op MySpace foto 5tyle.

It got even wider and moved slightly lower after that picture was taken. I still have a couple of spots on my chest after almost four weeks.

One week post-op.

12 days post-op.

Two weeks post-op.

Finally told my sister that we want to see the changes on my face, not the wall or my torso. In other words: zoom in plz.

When Joe and Sam got their kittens, I put up a picture of them with me. Now that they’ve got a child…

Barry: 20 days post-op. Penelope: 0 day post-birth.

Lil’ Penny: Uncle Barry, what the hell was wrong with your face?
Barry: Where the hell did you learn to talk like that? I know your parents don’t speak like that.

At any rate, when I score the x-rays, I’ll put them up.

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