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Cramer Wins

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As with the year 2006, I picked a list of stocks for 2007. But this time I limited it to only ten. During end of ’06 and beginning of ’07, I was visiting regularly–something I’ve long since stopped–so a few stocks mentioned by Jim Cramer made it into the list. Two of those three are the top two finishers.

SVNT made huge gains in the second half of December, otherwise it would have ended fairly flat for the year. That isn’t so bad when considering six of the ten are in the negatives. Of course, this assumes buy-and-hold for the year. All the stocks have been positive at some point… you can see in the Yahoo! Finance chart below that LCUT was the top performer for a long time (and made me regret for not buying it) before it plunged. Even NYX was up initially. :-P

Giving equal weight to each, the list is up 4.57% for the year, beating the Russell 2000 and S&P 500, but lag behind the Dow and the Nasdaq, and a savings account.

Here are the numbers and colors.

Symbol Closing Price 12/29/06 Closing Price 12/31/07 % Change
SVNT $11.21 $22.97 104.91%
TMO $45.29 $57.68 27.36%
CVH $50.05 $59.25 18.38%
ANF $69.02 $79.97 15.86%
NYX $97.20 $87.77 -9.70%
MKSI $22.58 $19.14 -15.23%
KFY $22.96 $18.82 -18.03%
LCUT $16.43 $12.98 -21.00%
LMC $12.31 $9.59 -22.10%
INT $44.46 $29.03 -34.71%

stock chart

I’m not gonna bother again this year.

Disclaimer and Disclosure
I make web pages for a living, so don’t ever listen to me about investments. I currently do not hold any of the mentioned stocks.


Written by Barry

January 1, 2008 at 7:36 pm

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