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The Data Has Spoken

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A lot has been written about Asian men not being able to get with the ladies.  (Google it.  Or go read the rants at Bitter Asian Men for lulz.)  And now we’ve got data, people!

The study: “Racial Preferences in Dating“.

Yo, a table:

(Click on the image above and a larger version will magically appear.)

Or, in words:

Finally, we can reject the hypothesis of equal preference against partners of other races for white, black, and Hispanic subjects, owing largely to the greater preference against Asian males by all other races.

“All other races” eh? Good, consistency.

For extra lulz, notice that Asian men said yes to more white women (53%) than any other race.  So to summarize, Asian men <3 white women, while white women respect their math skillz, from a distance.

Not that this should discourage us Asian men.  It just means that we have to work harder.  0.16 is not zero.

The data also shows that white women are the pickiest.  I wonder why that is.

On attractiveness:

For male partners (column(1)), our main finding is that Asians generally receive lower ratings than men of other races. In fact, when we run the regressions separately for each race, we find that even Asian women find white, black, and Hispanic men to be more attractive than Asian men.

Again, we win at consistency.

But there’s also this:

We similarly find that female Asian partners are consistently rated as less attractive (column (2)), though we also find that black females receive significantly lower ratings relative to whites. As above, we find that when these regressions are run separately for each race, even Asian men find white, black, and Hispanic women to be more attractive than Asian women.

What? So much for the whole white guys with “Asian fetish” stereotype.


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December 15, 2007 at 11:56 pm

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