I don’t mind if I’m incomprehensible

Why is St. Patrick's Day about being green? IT SHOULD BE ABOUT REDHEADS.

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Yesterday’s ballroom dance at OSU coincided with St. Patrick’s Day. Not that we needed an excuse to drink and dance.

Green = Healthy.

Gotta have your Vitamin C.

I seriously don’t remember doing that. The red eyes are appropriate in this case.

That’s my drinking buddy Bobby on the right. And that’s my CS 161 and CS 440 professor on the left. She wasn’t a very good instructor!

I don’t remember her name (I’m bad with names…intoxicated or not), but she reminds me of my English teacher from sophomore year in high school. Also, nice dress!

I’m out, bitches!

I guess now when someone asks “remember that one time you went to the dance but were too drunk to dance?” I can say “which one?”

And last but definitely not least, big thanks go to Bobby, Joe, and Sam for looking after me. Y’all even changed my shoes for me! You rock!


Written by Barry

March 18, 2007 at 5:43 pm

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