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But I Can't! I Can't! I Can't!

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If the trend continues, I’ll be down to one video in April.

Kylie Minogue – White Diamond

Of Montreal – She’s A Rejecter

The choice was either poor recorded live performances or the album track with a really dumb fan video. Start playing and then go to another browser tab or something!

Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position

Zapp & Roger – More Bounce to the Ounce


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March 31, 2007 at 2:05 pm

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Dieting Secrets

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I know I’ve been losing weight since I got my braces. Even so, when I weighed myself about a week ago, I was surprised to see that I was down to my college freshman weight. It’s no wonder my t-shirts and jeans feel loose.

So if you are looking to lose weight, try the following.

  • Begin with a BMI in the low to mid range of the “normal” weight status. 19.5 – 21.5 is good. If you don’t have this, eat a little less or exercise a little more. Maybe both. Just use common sense.
  • Make eating literally a pain or an annoyance, and stop chewing your food thoroughly.
  • Sleep deprive yourself about five days a week.
  • Work in an environment that is slightly cold. Not so cold that you’ll get goosebumps and uncomfortable, but chilly enough for your body to work harder to keep you warm.

It’s pretty simple.

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March 19, 2007 at 6:21 pm

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Why is St. Patrick's Day about being green? IT SHOULD BE ABOUT REDHEADS.

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Yesterday’s ballroom dance at OSU coincided with St. Patrick’s Day. Not that we needed an excuse to drink and dance.

Green = Healthy.

Gotta have your Vitamin C.

I seriously don’t remember doing that. The red eyes are appropriate in this case.

That’s my drinking buddy Bobby on the right. And that’s my CS 161 and CS 440 professor on the left. She wasn’t a very good instructor!

I don’t remember her name (I’m bad with names…intoxicated or not), but she reminds me of my English teacher from sophomore year in high school. Also, nice dress!

I’m out, bitches!

I guess now when someone asks “remember that one time you went to the dance but were too drunk to dance?” I can say “which one?”

And last but definitely not least, big thanks go to Bobby, Joe, and Sam for looking after me. Y’all even changed my shoes for me! You rock!

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March 18, 2007 at 5:43 pm

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Read a Book!

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Wow, that was a quick month. And it just makes that horrible feeling of “I should be more productive with my life. Get some stuff done… or at least finishing filing them damn taxes!” even worse.

Let’s drown out that inner voice with some music y’all!

Arcade Fire – Poupee de Cire, Poupee de Son

Also check out the original performed by France Gall and the cover by Belle & Sebastian, when Isobel Campbell was still with the band.

Bomani "D’mite" Armah – Read a Book

"Read a book! Read a book! Read a motherfucking book!" The music itself isn’t that impressive; the piano sampling is all right. But I love the positive messages! You know, read books, drink water, brush teeth, etc. All shouted at you. Seriously kids, read books! (Or you’ll grow up to be like me.)

Bright Eyes – Four Winds

The Long Blondes – Once and Never Again

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Me And My Imagination

Second single from the forthcoming album. The official video is not out yet.

Tom Petty – Saving Grace

Highway Companion is a pretty decent album.

Can you believe that YouTube doesn’t have "Fill Me Up" by Snax & Ianeq, Odawas’s "Alleluia", Feist’s "My Moon, My Man", "Making Love In The Sunshine" by Maxi Geil & Playcolt, …? I can.

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March 1, 2007 at 12:12 am

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