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The 25 videos from last time was a bit much, so I’ll do this monthly. Luckily, there are quite a few songs I can’t find on YouTube; that keeps the list shorter.

Anyboob. Pitchfork recently started a semi-new feature that offers daily free mp3s, of which Bell X1’s "Flame (Chicken Lips Remix)" is a pretty good one. Sebastien Grainger’s "The Rhythm Method" is one sweet tune from half of the now defunct duo Death From Above 1979. More Cowbell!

!!! – Heart of Hearts

Most pronounce it Chk Chk Chk, but I think it is Dance! Dance! Dance! (Mp3 from Pitchfork.)

The Blood Arm – Suspicious Character

We all <3 piano in a rock song right?

Clutch – Burning Beard

All dudes want a sweet beard like that.

Juanes – La Camisa Negra

Marit Larsen – Under the Surface

Menomena – Wet and Rusting

Mika – Grace Kelly

something something Queen something no?

New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream

More of the keyboard player please!

Oh No Ono – Practical Money Skills For Life

Also check out the first single: "Keeping Warm In Cold Country".

Omarion – Entourage

Jaguar E-Type. Good choice. Ability to dance. Also a good choice.

Pleasure – Out of Love

A good pop song that’s easy to like, but difficult to find on mp3. >.<

Bersuit Vergarabat – Esperando el Impacto


Written by Barry

January 30, 2007 at 9:22 pm

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