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I was pretty late to the whole social bookmarking with tags phenomenon that is Now after two and a half months, I’ve finally reached a whopping ten bookmarks. Since the Web is mostly a circle jerk of links, I’m gonna share them here.

Do you make these 10 mistakes in a conversation?

I’m not a good conversationalist and painfully aware of it. But I want to improve. Most of the stuff in the blog entry are obvious, and I have read about them in other sources. So, feel free to point out any of those mistakes I’m making whenever I speak to you.

Guidelines for Platonic Friendship

Guys being “just friends” with women they are sexually attracted to is about as natural as Michael Jackson’s face. So if you are an attractive woman, your guy friends want to hump you. I’m not saying that they don’t value the friendship or whatever. But you know, if you offer up, there could be some good times to be had. Anyway. Ladies, please follow the guidelines, and make the world less confusing for guys.

They Didn’t Attack Switzerland

Pretty interesting article on civil defense and foreign policies, by studying how the Swiss do it.

Put Your Makeup on the Shelf

I hate makeup so much. So so much. It’s a pretty good rant by the same guy who wrote the platonic friendship piece.

Why I Hate Beauty

An article about how the constant exposure to images of beautiful people in the media affects people’s idea of attractiveness. Blah. Some of those actresses and models aren’t that hot anyway. The bit about male teachers who come in daily contact with teenage women are more likely to be divorced is pretty interesting though. Also, I hate makeup so much.

The Porn Myth

A good article about the progression of porn and how it affects people’s ideas regarding sex. Kinda goes with the article above.

Unplanned Freefall Survival Tips

Great tips!

How to make a baby

An invaluable how to for boys who are interested in carrying on their genes through a living vessel. Also, a photo of Lindsay Lohan.

The Girl With a Boy’s Brain

A story about a girl with Asperger’s Syndrome. And I love her.

Unhappy Meals

A good, and long, article on food, nutrition, and diet. The only thing the author didn’t mention, that I can think of, is that some of the “simplification” with fertilizers might be a necessity for sustaining world population growth.


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January 28, 2007 at 5:43 pm

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