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I admire and envious of those who can do so much while working a full time job. Maybe I subscribe to too many RSS feeds and do everything too slowly. Anyway, here are some music I found time to listen to in September and October, and at least worth mentioning in a blog.

Basement Jaxx – Take Me Back to Your House
My current favorite from their new album. The single “Hush Boy” is good, too. But check out the remixes of “Hush Boy” that are on the single release; I like a couple of them better than the album version.

Beck – Cellphone’s Dead
I need to listen to Beck’s new album more..seems pretty good, but kind of all over the place.

Daft Punk – Face To Face
I’ve always loved “Digital Love”, but I thought the rest of Discovery was eh, whatever, despite the constant praise and references from critics and other musicians. That is, until I watched “Interstella 5555” recently. Now I love the album.

The Dears – Whites Only Party
A surprisingly pop and infectiously catchy song from their new album.

Eels – Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)
The most cheerful and anthemic song from the Blinking Lights and Other Revelations double album.

Joseph Arthur – Dear Lord
Good singer-songwriter stuff.

Jungle Brothers – Because I Got It Like That (from Fatboy Slim’s On the Floor at the Boutique)
While I was enjoying my time in OSU gameday traffic, the KBVR DJ played this song. I liked it immediately. And by that I mean I wanted to start dancing in my car. The original is too slow, and I didn’t care for the rest of On the Floor at the Boutique. But this one is a gem.

Prins Thomas – Fehrara
It’s got a good bassline, but it doesn’t really build, nor does the dude bother layering a lot of stuff on top of it. It still works though.

The Rapture – Don Gon Do It
The only song I really liked from The Rapture’s first album was “Sister Saviour”. And while none of the songs on their new album are quite as good, the album itself is more enjoyable.

Scissor Sisters – I Can’t Decide
My favorite from their new album. Damn catchy and danceable music with dark, murderous lyrics (“I can’t decide whether you should live or die. Oh, you’ll probably go to heaven, please don’t hang your head and cry… Lock the doors and close the blinds, we’re going for a ride!”) is just my kind of thing.

Teddybears – Yours To Keep (feat. Annie)
Annie only vocal mix FTW!

Ursula 1000 – Hello! Let’s Go To A Disco
An album with every god damn thing! Kitsch? Sure. But still worth a listen.


Written by Barry

November 1, 2006 at 1:48 am

Posted in Music

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  1. ahhh!
    teddybears! would you happen to have a clue where i could find the lyrics to that song? or maybe you have them?
    care to email me with an answer?


    December 17, 2006 at 9:01 pm

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