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Guitars and Turntables

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Time for another installment of my self-imposed bi-monthly “what’s new to the collection” song list.

Amy Diamond – Don’t Cry Your Heart Out
Amy Diamond’s second album is out already. The production is pretty much the same as the first, and there are a few decent songs, but nothing quite as infectious as “Welcome To The City”.

Band of Horses – The Funeral
I had pretty high expectations for this band, perhaps too high. This is my favorite of the album; the other songs aren’t quite as good.

Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
Great single from their new album. I look forward to seeing them in Portland.

Danielson – Did I Step On Your Trumpet?
According to, Ships is Danielson’s most accessible album yet. If that’s the case, then his earlier work must be pretty nuts. Half of Ships is a bit crazy for me. This song is pretty catchy though.

Duoteque – Daki Theta
Rubbery and bouncy bass, quirky synths, and a guy screaming out “Bass!” It’s quite fun.

Iron & Wine and Calexico – He Lays In Reins
The best song from their collaboration.

Lily Allen – LDN
Someone left an issue of The New Yorker at the launderette, so I looked thru it. And surprisingly, somewhere near the back I saw a review of Lily Allen’s album. Ok, so she’s hyped. And why not? “LDN” is a fantastic summer single, and the new one, “Smile“, is pretty good too.

The Little Ones – Lovers Who Uncover
Fun song. You can’t go wrong with handclaps.

The Noisettes – Monte Christo
The acoustic, mellow one from the Three Moods of the Noisettes EP.

Phoenix – One Time Too Many
The first Phoenix song I listened to was “If I Ever Feel Better“, and it’s one of the best singles ever. The problem with that is none of their other songs come even close to it. This is a decent song from their new album, but I’m just listing it so I can mentioned “If I Ever Feel Better” again.

SCSI-9 – You Are My Monster
Most of SCSI-9’s microhouse is a bit too micro for me. On this track they pick up the pace a bit and the beats seem bigger, and I quite like it. The sweet and drippy “Senorita Tristeza” is still my favorite though.

V/VM – dusty bin
Charming, and yes, even cute. Thanks to Leslie for finding it, because I sure haven’t been paying attention to V/VM daily mp3 giveaway.

Voxtrot – Raised By Wolves

Very promising band with two EPs out.


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June 30, 2006 at 2:59 pm

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No Style and No Substance

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I’m too lazy to develop any idea into an eloquently written entry. The keyword there is “lazy,” since I have no ideas and certainly cannot write good. Hell, I’m too lazy even for grammar. Open up MS Word? Too much work!

So here are some random stuffsss. . .

Girls with oversized sunglasses look dumb. If you voluntarily cover up half of your face, it’s safe to assume you are ugly. And if you have more stuff covering your face than your chest… hmm… that’s should be a requirement for those damn things.

Montage, Portland, OR
A group of people are singing Happy Birthday at a table.
A member of the kitchen staff: ONE YEAR CLOSER TO DEATH!

Lively restaurant with a livelier staff. They scream (“ASSHOLE, WE’RE OUT OF CHEDDAR!”) and rock out (to the excessive amount of CCR blaring thru the speakers while we were there). The food is all right, and besides, at 2-3am, your choices are limited anyway.

Some commercials for cosmetic products are simply genius. First they’d show a model, then someone says “OMG such an ugly and old bitch! But here’s the solution…”

While watching the College World Series at a bar yesterday, a dude informed us that he was drunk (I didn’t think so–he can still follow a baseball game), and that when he’s drunk there are two things he doesn’t care about: his next drink and his next woman. Really? The former, sure. One would down some shitty beer to quench the thirst from ALL THAT LIQUOR. But unfortunately (fortunately?) I’ve never experienced the latter. No beer goggles for me. Perhaps I should try harder, and more often.

We won, and baseball is still boring as a spectator sport thankyouverymuch. Go Beavs!

Argentina for The Cup, bitches!

“All you have to do is become a scruffy white guy,” I said to an Asian friend when I noticed a woman he lusted after was sitting at the bar with a, well, scruffy white guy.

I’m often (subconsciously) attracted to woman with large, sexy foreheads. It’s just a pattern I noticed. Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy. But then I learned that a large forehead is a childlike facial feature. Well thanks a lot! Now when I check out a 19 year old, I’m gonna feel like a pedophile. (FYI, people who are into teenagers are ephebophiles, not pedophiles.)

Why must you people ruin everything with your “research” and “facts”?

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June 27, 2006 at 11:53 pm

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New, But Not So Different

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I was going to fix my comment spam problem.  Development database was set up, table designed, and coding almost started, but then I remembered that I’m just really really lazy.  So I installed WordPress, like everyone else.  (I heard good things about a certain comment spam prevention plug-in, too.)

Of course, I planned to import everything from my old blog into WordPress.  Posts, comments, everything!  Fortunately, the Goddess of Laziness slapped me across the face and called me a little bitch.  How can I refuse such a buxom god?  I can’t, so I made a link.  On the right, there’s a link to chenblog classic, and that’s where the old blog resides.

In other words: comments are back.

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June 25, 2006 at 2:18 am

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